What Is Telesales And How To Be Successful At It? (2023)

Did you know that 92% of all of your customer interactions occur over the phone?

As such, telesales is a popular process that every company aims to incorporate into their business. It allows your agents to sell your products and services through the telephone.

In reality, telesales involves businesses contacting their customers to promote their business. Alongside this, they also aim to offer, or set up appointments to support field sales reps.

However, the main motive of telesales is to build repeat businesses through excellent customer relations.

In this article, we will examine some amazing telesales tips, discuss the responsibilities of a telesales rep and more.

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What is Telesales?

Telesales is the practice of selling products or services through the telephone. It can be classified into two types: inbound and outbound.

In outbound telesales, your sales representatives call potential and existing customers in order to convert them into sales. However, in inbound telesales, your representatives receive calls from prospects.

In telesales, sales reps contact customers to promote your products or set up appointments to support field sales reps.

Now, what is the key to being successful at it?

10 Tips for Telesales Success

Here are ten tips an executive needs to follow to be successful at telesales:

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  • Have access to the right data

Good data is key for any marketing or business campaign as it’s the starting point of every process.

Your business can’t succeed if you continue calling old clients or taking numbers from old data. This may end up in your agents calling people who aren’t interested in your products or services.

Data present with your telesales reps must be new, relevant and updated. This is a vital point that every telesales rep must take care of.

  • Possess a clear understanding of your goals

Your sales rep must know what exactly they want from a specific campaign. Generally, your business should know why the campaign is happening to increase sales or increase inquiries.

Additionally, you must know what targets are set, how to evaluate them, and who will measure them.

  • Sound natural

Ideally, your telesales rep should never sound like they are reading straight out of a script. This is especially important when they are on call with either fresh leads or existing customers.

Your caller must have all information about the product or service they are selling. Moreover, they should prepare for everything a receiver could ask about during a call.

Your caller should be flexible enough to answer everything that is asked at the moment. Most importantly, they shouldn’t hang up the call. It is important not to strictly stick to the script but to also be flexible.

  • Don’t miss follow-ups

If your rep tells their lead that they will follow up in a particular period, they must do so. Whether they have to call for an appointment or provide any information, they should deliver on time.

Also, suppose any other department of your business is calling the same lead for any other information. In that case, there must be perfect coordination between the two.

To pick up information quickly when another department gives it, clear communication between your salesperson and customer is essential.

  • Know your buyer well

Before you make a call, it is important to know your target audience well. For example, the age group, interests of the lead and their perspective in regards to your products or services.

  • Consider sending a voicemail

One thing many leads don’t like about cold calls is the inconvenient timing. If you’re calling a lead at an awkward time, don’t be afraid to leave a voicemail. It also prepares you to call them again when they are available.

  • Stay and sound positive

Always keep your attitude positive, pleasant and soft. It’s important to focus on the features and benefits of a business’ products or services.

Make the call a soft-toned one, rather than a harsh call. A positive call will help your rep get a chance to call again or set up an appointment.

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  • Ask Questions

When your sales rep asks questions in between conversations, it keeps the customers engaged.

By doing so, you can learn more about the perspectives of the customer. This helps in talking to them for longer and encouraging them to ask questions from you if they want. The more conversational it would be, the higher your agent’s chances of success.

  • Evaluate

It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of your telesales campaigns. If it’s not giving you any response in the current format, there is no point in continuing it.

You can always make some changes. Moreover, it’s vital to see evaluation methods set before you start any campaign.

  • Listen well

Monitor or record the number of calls a telesales rep makes. This method enables people who are calling to know the calls are recorded. Furthermore, your reps can put in their best efforts to get success out of their call.

Secondly, listening to past calls can help in defining what works and what does not. It serves as a key tool for evaluation.

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Responsibilities of a Telesales Representative

From generating leads to strengthening customer relationships, a telesales rep has many responsibilities to take care of.

A seasoned sales rep ensures that leads are closed and a good relationship is built between business and customer. This enables your customers to do business longer with the company.

The following are the duties of a telesales rep:

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  • Lead Generation

Telesales plays an important role in generating leads for salespeople. Firstly, your sales reps call existing or potential customers to tell them about your products/ services.

Additionally, they have a usual dialogue that has to be followed to qualify your prospects. This acts as a prequalification process that helps your salespeople close deals effectively.

  • Direct Sales

Besides providing information about the products and services, telesales reps also have to do direct selling. Here, they have to call your previous customers to do potential repeat business.

A telesales agent can anytime ask pre-qualifying questions to get aware of whether they are willing to buy or not.

  • Providing Customer Service

Excellent customer service is one of the most crucial responsibilities of a telesales agent. They call customers post-service to know whether they’re satisfied with the product or not.

Collecting and updating customer databases is also their responsibility. As such, your telesales agents can inform existing customers about new offers or products based on customer needs.

  • Conflict Resolution

Your telesales agents must have commendable conflict resolution skills. Since they’re the ones always speaking to customers, they should easily and quickly solve customers’ grievances.

  • Preparing Activity Reports

Creating and updating activity records is also a part of the telesales agent’s responsibilities. Furthermore, it should be done in a timely and ordered manner to make it easier for future prospects.

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Wrap Up

Overall, telesales is an important method to generate leads and grow your business. However, it demands excellent sales and communication skills as well as customer service knowledge.

The main purpose of telesales is to boost your business via creating and maintaining your customer relations. Alongside this, it also focuses on selling directly to customers.

For all these reasons, it’s vital that you should implement it effectively and properly to ensure maximum benefit.

Not only this, it’s also important that telesales representatives are able to perform and fulfil their responsibilities. With the help of the above-stated tips, you too can achieve great success out of it for your business!

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