[Top 10] UFC 4 Best Combos That Are Powerful! (2022)

In UFC 4, one shot can change the fight.

The right punch or kick can turn a fight on its head, and change a dominant win into a shocking upset!

This game boasts a massive variety of combos that a fighter can perform from different styles.You can distract them with a jab then surprise them with a low kick, or even make jaws swing with a devastating boxing combo to the chin.

We’ll be using some striking terminology as we go on, so just in case you weren’t sure:

1 - Jab

2 - Cross

3 - Lead hook

4 - Rear hook

5 - Lead uppercut

6 - Rear uppercut

Front - A move performed by your front leg, or the one closest to the opponent Rear - A move performed by the back leg, which is furthest away from the opponent

Push - This isn’t really a strike, but can be used in UFC 4 to set range and starts combos the same as a jab

(X)B - A B means that the strike is thrown to the body, so 2B is a cross to the body

This article discusses the best combos available in UFC 4, how to perform them and what makes them so great. Without any further ado, lets get it on!

10) 1-2, Rear body/leg kick

(First combo in the video above)

This has been my favourite combo since UFC 2 due to its simplicity. Anyone with a controller and as many brain cells as Nate Diaz can perform this combo, but the variety between strikes to the head and the leg/body keep your opponent guessing.

Although predictable if performed several times, this combo is a good way to land shots early and see how your opponent reacts to your strikes.

What makes this combo so great?

  • One of the easiest combos to perform
  • Only requires level 2 kickboxing combos
  • Mixes head and body strikes, so the opponent can’t just block the whole combo at once
  • Rear kick can do serious damage
  • Costs very little stamina
  • Can leave out the kick and just throw the 1-2 if low on stamina
  • Chops away at the body to reduce opponent’s stamina in the later rounds

9) 3-2, 3B

(First combo in the video above)

This combo is slightly harder to understand at first, but once you get the moves down, you’ll be “the best boxer in UFC baby!”. The lack of kicks means that this combo costs less stamina than others, and thus can be used in the later rounds. Also,it begins with a hook rather than a push or a jab, so it might catch your opponent off guard when you start to use it.

What makes this combo so great?

  • Costs little stamina so can be used in the later rounds
  • Mixes body and head strikes to keep the opponent guessing
  • Good for pressure and moving forward
  • Chips away at the opponent’s gas tank
  • No kick means the combo is less risky if it misses
  • Can turn a fight around if timed correctly

8) 1-1-2-3, leg kick

[Top 10] UFC 4 Best Combos That Are Powerful! (5)With this long combo, you’ll have your opponent thinking he’s fighting 2 people at once!

It focuses on the head, with a devastating rear uppercut and lead hook as the power punches, and the leg kick for good measure.

[Top 10] UFC 4 Best Combos That Are Powerful! (6)If you’re low on stamina or just want to wear down your opponent’s chin, you can leave out the kick or even swap it for a different strike.

What makes this combo so great?

  • Can land a variety of strikes
  • Deals a lot of head damage
  • Powerful leg kick to make your opponent limp
  • Low risk jabs to set the combo up
  • Good in the middle of the octagon

7) 3B-4B-3

[Top 10] UFC 4 Best Combos That Are Powerful! (7)This combo goes around the opponent’s block and focuses more on the body.

This combo delivers 2 crushing blows to leave your opponent gasping for air, and a lead hook to the chin to rub salt in the wound (That you’ve just created in his liver).

What makes this combo so great?

  • Begins with the body not the head to surprise the opponent
  • Hook strikes go around the opponent’s block
  • Short combos with punches only, so little stamina cost
  • Very hard to predict and counter
  • Good when your opponent is against the cage
  • Wears down the opponent’s gas tank for the later rounds

6) 2-3-2

(Combo starts at 4:51)

Another short punching combo that serves as a great counter to the knee.

When your opponent knees, they are open to straight counters, so why not add an extra 2 bombs just to give your opponent a headache?

What makes this combo so great?

  • Good when advancing forward
  • Counters knee spammers
  • Short punches, so costs little stamina
  • Strong head punches can turn the tide of the fight
  • Starting with the cross can stun an opponent or break a block
  • Can be landed several times

5) 5-6B

[Top 10] UFC 4 Best Combos That Are Powerful! (10)PlayStation: Square + circle, L1 + L2 + Triangle + Circle

Xbox: X + B, LB + LT + Y + B

This combo, just like Hasbullah, is short but sweet. The lead uppercut surprises the opponent and the body uppercut punishes them if they expect another head strike.

[Top 10] UFC 4 Best Combos That Are Powerful! (11)Overall, this combo is very good for stamina cost and defence.

What makes this combo so great?

  • Great for stamina
  • Good when you’re pinned against the cage
  • Lands a heavy body shot to reduce your opponent’s stamina
  • Powerful strike to begin to surprise the opponent
  • Plays a key role in landing shots in the later rounds

4) 1, Front body kick

(Combo starts at 13:04)

Not only short but sweet, but adds in a bit more depth to your striking. Rather than just throwing 2 punches, this combo allows you to dig into the opponent’s ribs and punish the body, using a jab as a set up to get your opponent to block high.

What makes this combo so great?

  • Very safe from counters
  • Keeps the opponent at a distance
  • Very good compromise between damage and stamina
  • Gets your opponent out of your face
  • Keeps opponents pinned against the cage

3) 1-2, Rear head

(Combo starts at 1:25)

Channel your inner Donald Cerrone with this devastating 3 piece with a soda straight to the dome! This combo may be easier to block, but when your opponent’s guard is down it can end the fight for good. Although it requires the head kick to be as effective as possible, the combo doesn’t drain as much stamina as the other longer combos due to the short, simple 1-2 setup.

What makes this combo so great?

  • Spells doom for a rocked opponent
  • Punches shatter through the opponent’s block
  • Can alternate with a body kick to surprise the opponent
  • Great against weak opponents
  • Good when neutral or going forward
  • Does extreme damage if landed several times

2) Feint lead body kick, Rear high kick

(Combo starts at 9:25)

This one is so good, I’m pretty confident it even works in real life when sparring! The feint draws all of the attention to the lead leg, then the rear kick shuts the opponent down!

The use of the feint is good because it doesn’t use as much stamina, but the animation will trick your opponent into thinking that your lead leg is going to land first.

What makes this combo so great?

  • High success rate
  • Low stamina cost
  • Low risk, high reward
  • Extremely powerful
  • Can end the fight in one kick
  • Easy to learn and perfect!

1) 1B-1-2, Lead high kick

(Combo starts at 7:45)

2 words: Highlight Reel

The body jab puts all eyes on the body, then the 3 strikes up top can be heard around the world, from the favelas of Brazil to the Dagestani mountains. Use with caution, as once you start using this combo you won’t stop!

[Top 10] UFC 4 Best Combos That Are Powerful! (20)This combo catches bodies like Superman and leaves people in the dust like Thanos.

What makes this combo the best?

  • Looks great as a replay
  • Lands brutal shots to the head
  • Can end a fight if caught off guard
  • Finishes the fight if an opponent is rocked
  • Good when advancing forward
  • Hard to predict and counter
  • Can be used several times
  • Leaves the opponent on the canvas!

And that’s it!

We hope that you found this article helpful and that you learned something new. Remember what Bruce Lee says: “I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once. I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.”

This means that it’s important to pick a few combos you like and take the time to perfect them rather than relying on a variety of subpar moves to control the fight and come out with your hand raised.

Now go out there and serve some 3-piece combos, don’t forget the soda!

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