The 5 Best Online Kickboxing Classes of 2022 (2023)

The great thing about kickboxing is that it’s an efficient way to work up a sweat. The not-so-great thing? You usually have to show up at a gym or studio to do it. Or at least, that’s what many of us have assumed. But the truth is, there are tons of excellent kickboxing classes you can attend online—anytime, anywhere, and sometimes, without paying a membership or class fee.

Sure, an online kickboxing class will never feel exactly like the IRL thing. But many online classes come pretty darn close, and there are tons of incredible online kickboxing classes out there. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites, below.

The 5 Best Online Kickboxing Classes of 2022

Best Overall: Fightcamp

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Why We Chose It: Fightcamp is free and fun—two of our favorite things. It boasts a massive library of kickboxing workouts, which will help you work up a sweat, build strength, and perfect your form. Each workout comes with a “Punch goal,” which will give you a target to work toward every time you tackle a video. (This goal makes the whole experience feel a little like a game—in the best way possible.)

What We Like

  • Large, diverse library
  • Totally free
  • Workouts for every skill level
  • Built-in punch goals make workouts more fun and engaging
  • Offers several beginner-friendly paths

What We Don’t Like

  • You have to download the app to access the workouts
  • Some workouts don’t work without punch trackers in the app

Fightcamp boasts a huge library of kickboxing workout videos—and they’re all completely free. Download the free app, and a friendly orientation video will help you understand how to navigate Fightcamp. As you sift through the app’s library, you’ll see everything from 4-round core workouts to 8-round conditioning workouts. And you’ll also find a series of boxing skills videos, which will help you build a foundation in the sport.

If you’re looking for a more organized way to get started, you can participate in one of the app’s beginner-friendly paths. These programs cater to kickboxers of all skill levels. And since there are between roughly 12 to 30 videos apiece, they’re sure to keep you going for a while.

Though Fightcamp is free, you do have to download an app to access its workout videos. And some of them don’t work without Fightcamp’s punch trackers (which cost about $439). That’s definitely a bummer, but the free experience is so solid that these downsides won’t feel like a big deal.

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Best Budget: FitOn

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Why We Chose It: FitOn is completely free, but you wouldn’t know it looking at its high-quality videos. The platform offers a range of engaging kickboxing classes—plus a bunch of other ones, too. Although FitOn's library is relatively small, it has a lot to offer. So, no matter what kind of kickboxing class you’re looking for, you can probably find it.

What We Like

  • Diverse library
  • Totally free
  • Intermediate and advanced workouts
  • Access to other kinds of workouts

What We Don’t Like

  • Small library
  • Classes are all under 26 minutes long

It can be hard to find a well-rounded fitness membership that’s budget-friendly and offers access to plenty of kickboxing classes. But FitOn does. And it isn’t just budget-friendly—it’s completely free.

The platform boasts a small, but varied collection of kickboxing videos, which will help you build strength from head-to-toe. Though many of FitOn’s videos are beginner-friendly, its kickboxing videos promise to be a little higher-intensity—and suited to those looking for a more intermediate workout.

Your free FitOn membership will give you access to a range of different workouts, including yoga, Pilates, HIIT, and more. These other options will make cross-training easy, helping you maintain a diverse and engaging fitness routine.

If you want more than a free membership, FitOn offers a paid upgrade for about $20 per month , but it just gives you a personalized meal plan and unlimited offline downloadsbut check for large discounts that offer it for a limited cost.

Best Splurge: Variis

The 5 Best Online Kickboxing Classes of 2022 (5)

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Why We Chose It: Variis can definitely be an investment. But the app is loaded with quality classes that make it worth the splurge. When you sign up for a membership, you’ll gain access to kickboxing classes suited for every skill level.

What We Like

  • Live and on-demand classes
  • Workouts for every skill level
  • Access to other kinds of workouts

What We Don’t Like

  • Kickboxing library is relatively small
  • Expensive membership
  • You have to download the app to access the workouts

If you're looking to splurge on a membership, Variis is a solid option. The platform offers workouts from big names like Equinox, Soul Cycle, and Pure Yoga. And all of its kickboxing workouts come straight from Rumble, which is a favorite in the boxing space.

Scroll through Variis’s kickboxing library, and you’ll find everything from 15-minute core strengtheners to 45-minute HIIT sessions. The classes target a range of different skill levels, and offer the signature blend of cardio and strength-training you crave from a kickboxing workout.

Variis doesn’t offer any beginner-friendly programs and has a limited library of kickboxing courses. But its cross-training options are pretty abundant, so you'll stay occupied.

Memberships cost about $40 per month.

Best for Live Classes: Rumble

The 5 Best Online Kickboxing Classes of 2022 (7)

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The 5 Best Online Kickboxing Classes of 2022 (8)

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Why We Chose It: Not everyone loves an asynchronous workout. Some of us crave the energy of a live class—we just don’t want to leave the house. If this sounds anything like you, Rumble might be an excellent way to get your kickboxing fix. The platform lets you book individual classes, which you attend live (from the comfort of your home). This means you’re strictly paying à la carte, rather than paying a monthly membership fee.

What We Like

  • Frequent, diverse classes
  • High-energy, live courses
  • Great for planning ahead

What We Don’t Like

  • No on-demand classes
  • Beginner-friendly options are limited
  • Class purchases expire if not used within 30 days

When most of us think about online workouts, we’re imagining on-demand classes that we can access at any time. But Rumble is doing things differently. The platform is simply bringing the magic of its in-person classes straight to your home gym (or wherever you like to work out).

Instead of asking you to pay a monthly subscription fee, Rumble charges by the class (roughly $15 each). At that rate, they’re pretty budget-friendly—especially considering they’re coming from Rumble, a big name in the kickboxing space. Frustratingly, course purchases expire within 30 days. So, you likely won’t want to purchase too many at a time—unless you’re planning to pack your week with them.

Best No-Equipment Workout: Daily Burn

The 5 Best Online Kickboxing Classes of 2022 (9)

Why We Chose It: Technically, nearly any fitness class can be made equipment-free. But Daily Burn’s lessons are actually designed that way. This means you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get a killer workout—even without wraps, gloves, or a punching bag.

What We Like

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  • Large, diverse library
  • Workouts for every skill level
  • Access to other kinds of workouts

What We Don’t Like

  • Paid membership only

When exercising at home, you can modify workout classes to meet your needs. Don’t have any boxing gloves on hand? That’s fine—you can use your fists. While these swaps are easy enough, it can be frustrating to know that you’re not doing the workout the way it was designed. (Will going glove-free make the class way easier?) Sometimes, you’d rather just tackle a no-equipment workout—and Daily Burn has those in spades.

A Daily Burn membership is about $20 per month, and you’ll get access to more than 100 kickboxing videos—none of which require any equipment. These workouts vary in length and difficulty level, allowing you to start with the beginner-friendly classes and work your way up to the more advanced ones over time.

Even better? Your Daily Burn membership will also give you access to other kinds of workouts, like yoga classes, strength-training sessions, and more.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to add some kickboxing to your fitness routine, you can’t go wrong with Fightcamp. The free app will help you build out your kickboxing practice, whether you’re a first-timer or an expert boxer. Mix and match its brief videos to craft a workout that works for you. Or, opt for one of its more regimented starter paths, and follow the schedule laid out for you.

If you like cross-training as much as you like kickboxing, Variis might be worth the splurge. The upscale fitness app is loaded with challenging workouts ranging from peaceful yoga classes to upbeat cycling sessions and high-energy kickboxing courses. Start with beginner-friendly lessons and work your way up from there. And explore the app’s full library any time you want to change things up.

What Are Online Kickboxing Classes?

Online kickboxing classes can be taken anywhere you have an internet connection, whereas in-person ones tend to take place at a gym or in a studio.

These sessions are pretty similar to what you’d find in an in-person setting, with an instructor leading you through a series of high-energy moves. The only difference? The instructor won’t be there to give you personal guidance. So, you’ll want to take extra care to make sure you’re performing the exercises properly. (Luckily, many online kickboxing programs offer fundamentals classes that you can take to master your form.)

What Is a Kickboxing Class Like?

Kickboxing classes tend to offer a solid blend of cardio and strength training. You can expect to do a lot of punching and kicking. But there will probably be some more classic moves—like crunches—on the menu, too. One important note: Many kickboxing workouts don’t include a warm-up or cool-down, so make sure you show up ready to move.

Online kickboxing classes tend to be pretty similar to in-person classes. You can expect the same class structure—and a similar blend of cardio and strength training. That said, some online kickboxing platforms offer shorter classes that you can use to practice specific moves and perfect your form. These workouts are too short to warrant an in-person lesson. But they’re great for online kickboxing platforms, which tend to offer large libraries of content.

How Much Do Kickboxing Classes Cost?

Individual kickboxing classes may cost between roughly $10 to $25 apiece. But many are offered as part of a membership program, which may cost as much as approximately $70 to $110 per month. (This membership fee typically gives you access to unlimited kickboxing classes at a given gym.)

Online kickboxing classes are usually offered as part of a membership program, either to a kickboxing platform or to a general fitness program. These membership programs typically range from free to $40 per month. But some gyms sell online kickboxing lessons individually, and these may cost between about $10 to $20.

What Equipment Do I Need for a Kickboxing Class?

Many kickboxing classes involve hand wraps, boxing gloves, and punching bags. But when you’re tackling them at home, you don’t really need any of this equipment. Boxing gloves can add a little weight to your workouts. A punching bag can add resistance. And hand wraps and boxing gloves can protect your hands against a punching bag. But most kickboxing classes are challenging enough that you can tackle them without any equipment at all—and still get a solid workout.

How We Chose the Best Online Kickboxing Classes

We assessed online kickboxing classes on a few criteria. First, how varied are the kickboxing workouts? We looked for diversity in style, length, and difficulty level. Second, does the platform offer other kinds of workouts—and if so, how is the diversity? Some online fitness programs offer a range of workouts, while others only offer kickboxing classes. We made sure to include both options, so you could choose the program that worked best for you.

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Then, we considered how pricey the options were. We tried to keep our recommendations as budget-friendly as possible, and only included expensive picks that we felt were worth the splurge. Finally, we looked for kickboxing programs that suited a range of different fitness goals. Whether you’re a beginner, an expert, or someone who swears by live courses, you should find an option that works for you.

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