The 47 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites in March 2023 (2023)

What’s better than sitting in your living room, munching on popcorn, and sipping drinks while enjoying a fantastic movie? And when those movies are available for free, the experience is twice as enjoyable. Nowadays, a lot of entertainment content is available online, from classic films to newly released movies and popular TV shows. However, finding suitable and reliable free movie streaming sites is a challenge.

Although there may seem to be a lot available, not all are good enough and safe. That is why we have put together this 47 best free online movie streaming sites list. It’s a frequently updated list to ensure you never face trouble watching your favorite media for free.

Let’s get started.

Before moving any further, we’d like to highlight that we at PrivacySavvy do not endorse or encourage piracy at any level or in any form. While looking for streaming websites, all the responsibility falls on you to check the copyright and legal status of the content(s) you access. Additionally, PrivacySavvy will not be liable for hacked/infected devices, data breaches, or ISP logging if you use an unverified third-party application or streaming source.

A quick list of top free streaming websites

  1. AZMovies: Offers a wide collection of movies for free with bearable ads.
  2. SolarMovie: The site gives a personalized streaming experience with its well-organized movie categorization and high-quality links.
  3. Tubi TV: Has an extensive archive of free movies and shows for long-lasting streaming.
  4. Gostream: Allows you to watch movies and TV series online for free in full HD. Offers fast streaming with subtitles.
  5. 123Movies: Its simple interface makes the site easy to use, while its no-ad support feature ensures uninterrupted streaming.
  6. Freevee: Boasts a decent collection of shows and movies, including some highly recognizable titles; gives a reliable streaming performance.
  7. Peacock TV: It lets you access the shows brought to you by established names such as Universal Studio and NBC.
  8. HiMovies: An alternative movie streaming site that is rapidly becoming popular worldwide.
  9. StreamM4u: Has an excellent filter for easy streamlining of movies.
  10. Moviesjoy: Offers videos in 1080 HD and is very fast, ensuring you get the best experience.
  11. Vudu: It offers free and pay-per-view options and easy access to thousands of movies and shows.
  12. SpaceMov: One of the best websites for free movies. It features a description and trailer button for an easy peep into the movie you want to watch.
  13. Sony Crackle: Its highly user-friendly search function makes it convenient to locate trending movies and shows.
  14. Xumo TV: Has Live TV support with lots of free VOD titles and tons of channels to select from.
  15. Flixtor: Boasts an attractive interface, user-friendly features, and an automated search engine, making it a worthwhile movie site.
  16. YesMovies: Features a simple search bar for easy access to top movies and shows.
  17. YouTube: Beyond the hub for streaming videos online, it provides free access to movies across a broad genre.
  18. Kanopy: One of the most user-friendly sites offering free TV shows and movie streaming.
  19. FilmRise: Widely known and loved for its extensive collection of classic movies.
  20. FMovies: A popular streaming site with a vast movie collection and an alluring interface to keep you entertained.
  21. 123Chill: The site features lots of movies and shows and has excellent featuresas a whole.
  22. PrimeWire: It changed its name a couple of times till now, but the volume and quality of movies and shows have only improved at each phase.
  23. PopcornFlix: Ideal for old-school TV shows and classic movies.
  24. StreamLord: Easy to use, ad-free movie streaming site to give you the best experience.
  25. Internet Archive: Offers movies from 2020 to the mid-1900s for an extended streaming experience.
  26. Vumoo: Enables you to select your preferred resolution within the range of 320p to 720p.
  27. Putlocker: Supports movie selection based on IMDb rating and also allows choosing movies by their names.
  28. Yidio: A relatively new player, but it features some of the best shows and movies available today.
  29. SnagFilms: Boasts a professional-looking interface that gives you the feel of a premium streaming experience.
  30. VexMovies: Has some of the advanced features out there. For example, its interface enables users to select a movie of their choice based on the year of a movie release.
  31. The Roku Channel: Supports HD streaming of the latest content for free. Also, a great place to watch Roku Originals.
  32. Pluto TV: Impressive streaming platform from ViacomCBS. It ensures a smooth streaming experience with minimally intrusive ads.
  33. Bounce TV: A niche-based Afro-American platform offering HD-quality streaming.
  34. Afdah: Boast a diversified and vast range of HD content.
  35. Cineb: Offers swift content updates that allow enjoying the newest releases quickly online for free.
  36. Filmzie: Its legit movie site status makes it special.
  37. Veoh: Allows binge-watching TV shows and movies all day long, but you’ll have to bear with ads.
  38. Crunchyroll: While it has other content types, such as news and games, anime is its speciality.
  39. Plex: Allows watching free movies online without registration.
  40. VidCloud: Offers impeccable content updates and new releases at pace.
  41. CONtv: Best site for comic genre content fans.
  42. MyFlixer: Its neat UI and vast content range are why it’s among the free movie websites worth trying.
  43. Tiny Zone: A YouTube clone offering free TV shows and movies platform.
  44. Rakuten Viki – It is a popular free Asian content streaming source that allows users to stream without an account.
  45. MyBundle TV – This movie streaming directory links to other sites to allow you to access the content you want to watch.
  46. Stremio – A famous media center application that enables you to watch Hollywood titles, TV shows, sports, web and TV channels, and podcasts from different streaming platforms.
  47. Fawesome TV – Boasts a wide selection of entertainment content organized by genre and subcategories.

How to use a VPN to stream movies and TV shows safely online

You should consider connecting to a quality VPN before opting to use any of the sites listed in this article. That’s because most of the free streaming sites today are insecure.

Even though we found these sites to not attack users through malicious techniques such as malvertising during our tests. Still, most of these questionable websites track streamers via their IP addresses. That ultimately exposes your identity online. A VPN can protect you from all the potential troubles and privacy breaches.

Simply follow the below steps to stream movies and TV shows using a VPN safely.

1. Select a reliable VPN: We highly recommend ExpressVPNbecause it is super-fast, protects you from hackers and malware, and can bypass geo-restrictions effortlessly.

2. Download the VPN: Download the app of the VPN you picked. Generally, most top VPNs (such as Surfshark, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN) offer apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, routers, streaming devices such as Fire TV Stick, and more.

3. Install VPN: Install the VPN application and connect to a server of your choice. We recommend connecting to a server nearest to your actual location. For instance, if you are in the USA, connect to a US server.

4. Select a streaming website: This article lists 47 great streaming sites from which you can choose any one and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows!

The legality of free movie streaming sites

One can’t label a site as legal or illegal, merely considering whether it is paid. If you can get content with permission, it’s completely legal, even if it offers free services.

The same is true for free streaming sites. Browsing media on such websites isn’t illegal, nor is using them to watch movies.

What makes things shady is copyright infringement. It is illegal if a website streams copyrighted content for free or streams media without permission or rights. Therefore, using such websites may make you accused of piracy issues, so you should not use such services.

Indeed, it’s difficult for an average user to determine the legality of a streaming site. Thus, we recommend you avoid streaming the latest movie or TV show episodes as a precaution. That’s because such stuff usually doesn’t arrive online without legal issues, particularly on free torrent sites and streaming ones. Likewise, streaming content otherwise barred in your country can also be a problem.

However, if you stick to binge-watching old TV series or movies or accessing geo-blocked streaming content not explicitly labelled illegal in your country, you don’t have to fear legal action.

Notably, streaming movies from legitimate, authorized sources is always best to avoid legal or safety issues.

Best free streaming sites for movies and TV shows in March 2023 – The detailed list

After testing several streaming platforms, we came up with the 47 most remarkable sites for movies and TV shows that you can use safely today. These sites are free with various strengths, but all are guaranteed to make you happy. You will no longer have to wonder what websites you can watch free movies on.

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