Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (2022)

As one of the most popular types offensively, it's important to find the best Fighting-type moves for your team. With a high Attack stat on average, Fighting-type Pokemon often dominate fast-paced battles, capable of delivering a lot of damage very quickly.

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These brawny Pokemon have a ton of moves available to them, but some are better than others. With Fighting able to deal super-effective damage to a whopping five other types, every trainer should have a move or two on their team.

Updated January 24th, 2022 by Quinton O'Connor: With the arrival of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, now's a great time for us to turn our eyes toward Fighting-type moves again with a fresh appreciation. We're adding a few more entries and providing additional context to preexisting content. With any luck, this list will serve you well for years to come!


15/15 Body Press

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (1)

Body Press feels like such an obvious attack to include that it's hard to believe it didn't exist before Generation VIII. Look at that Snorlax. Why was it incapable of this before now? At least the wait was worth it, as its effectiveness doesn't disappoint. 80 base power is solid stuff given its lovely 100 percent accuracy rating.

And that's not all. By calculating the user's Defense stat rather than Attack, it can trick your rivals into a messy situation. Many bulky Pokemon can learn Body Press, allowing for it to do devastating amounts of damage. Pin them all down for the count, Snorlax.

14/15 Focus Blast

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (2)

Most Fighting-type moves are physical, so the uncommon special-based move like Focus Blast is a sight for sore eyes. Focus Blast has a sky-high base power of 120, so factor in STAB ("Same Type Attack Bonus") and many a fallen Pokemon will remember the pain.

If you can't find a Fighting-type with a high enough Special Attack to make Focus Blast the beast it should be, you can at least provide some great coverage by teaching it to someone else. Like Charizard, who doesn't need to be scarier than it already is but will appreciate the sentiment nonetheless.

Holding Focus Blast back from total domination is its 70 percent accuracy. But if you need to get a big hit out fast, it can turn some real tables for you.

13/15 Superpower

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (3)

Don't mistake Superpower for the physical equivalent of Focus Blast. They share a 120 base power, but Superpower's accuracy is 100 percent, making it all the more tempting. It's learnable by so many fantastic species that there's sure to be room for it in your arsenal.

So, what's the drawback? Superpower lowers the user's Attack and Defense by one stage. You can get around this by switching out afterward and sending your Fighting-type champion back out later on, removing the debuffs. Of course, swifter clashes might be over by then — but it's an option.

12/15 Sacred Sword

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (4)

Sacred Sword is a move that (mostly) only Legendary and Mythical Pokemon can learn, with Aegislash the sole exception. It's a physical move that has a highly respectable 90 base power for its fantastic 100 percent accuracy.

Sacred Sword comes with the added bonus of ignoring the opponent's stat changes. This means if it used any moves it used that boosted its Defense or Evasive stats, Sacred Sword will hit as if they were never there, to begin with. Game, set, and slash.

11/15 Focus Punch

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (5)

Focus Punch is a high risk, high reward move. It has -3 priority, meaning it will usually go last. If you're hit before it attacks, the Pokemon will flinch instead. Losing a turn and taking damage is not something anyone wants.

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However, Focus Punch has 100 percent accuracy and a frankly phenomenal 150 base power. This damage is more than enough to knock out opposing Pokemon. It's especially useful in Double Battles, as your partner Pokemon can use Follow Me to attract attention to itself to use Focus Blast without fear. In solo, it's situational. But if you can find that situation, it's all yours.

10/15 Sky Uppercut

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (6)

With the words "sky" and "up" contained within this move's title, one might think it's a Flying-type move. But no. It is, in fact, a Fighting-yype move that punches upward. It has a base power of 85, which is pretty sweet. 90 percent accuracy is nothing to scoff at.

Besides its good amount of general application, this move will also hit Pokemon that are in the semi-invulnerable turn for Fly, Bounce, or Sky Drop. Come back down here, Braviary. Blaziken wants a word with you.

9/15 High Jump Kick

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (7)

Often associated with Hitmonlee by players who rematched the Johto Elite 4 many, many times, this move is an interesting one with a humorous downside. At a power level of 130, it's certainly eye-catching. 90 percent accuracy? This is beginning to feel downright overpowered. If the move misses, however, the user crashes straight into a wall for half of its max HP. That goes beyond traditional recoil damage and lands squarely in "major ouch time" territory.

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Despite that, it's a great move that (usually) hits the target. Just be cautious, you know? Walls hurt.

8/15 Flying Press

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (8)

Like Sky Uppercut, Flying Press also sounds like a Flying-type move. The twist here is that in this case, it is. Flying Press deals damage as both a Flying- and a Fighting-type move, which creates some interesting situations. It only receives STAB as a Fighting move and will not receive benefits or reductions from Flying-type held items, but the novelty's still mostly there.

With a power of 100 and an accuracy rating of 95, it's already a pretty good move. Besides its dual-typing. As a lovely quirk, Flying Press also hits opponents in Minimize status without fail, making utility shields like Clefable worthless. Unfortunately, only Hawlucha and Pikachu Libre can learn it, and good luck acquiring the latter.

7/15 Cross Chop

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (9)

Despite its middling 80 percent accuracy, Cross Shop is still a winner. It has a base power of 100, which is a pretty good trade-off, but its real showstopper is a significant critical hit rate.

Cross Chop is like the Fighting-type version of Stone Edge, which has long been considered one of the greatest Rock-type moves in the series. Combine it with the high average Attack stat of Fighting-type Pokemon, and it can't be taken lightly.

6/15 Brick Break

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (10)

Introduced in Generation III is this Fighting-type staple. A short list of Pokemon can learn it, but it's a common TM (or TR, depending on generational nomenclature) in every game since. It has a power rating of 75 and 100 percent accuracy. Pretty good.

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More importantly, Brick Break will remove an Aurora Veil, Light Screen or Reflect from your opponent's side of the battle. Since these moves can stall you big time, pushing past them can leave some players scrambling for a second strategy.

5/15 Dynamic Punch

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (11)

Dynamic Punch was introduced in Generation II, back when Gold & Silver were all the rage. For a while, it held the honorable status of TM01, which is neither here nor there — but still pretty cool. 100 base power is offset by a dreadful 50 percent accuracy, so what's it doing here? When it hits, Dynamic Punch triggers the Confuse status, which can leave your enemy in disarray.

There aren't a lot of options in the series for confusing and damaging a foe simultaneously, so we can't dismiss Dynamic Punch entirely. Plus, it's called Exploding Punch in Japanese. That's pretty dang scary.

4/15 Aura Sphere

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (12)

A popular misconception is that Aura Sphere is the signature move of Lucario, but in reality, a lot of Pokemon can learn it, even in Generation IV when it and Lucario were both introduced. Then again, is that enough to knock poor Lucario out of the running? Sinnoh's favorite son does look rad charging up a big Aura Sphere in Super Smash Bros.

Aura Sphere joins Focus Blast as one of the few prominent special-based Fighting-type moves. At 80 base power, it'll leave a mark. Better still, its accuracy is guaranteed barring a few tricky scenarios, essentially making it more accurate even than moves listed as 100 percent. A bit of a mathematical brain-scratcher to be sure, but nonetheless true.

3/15 Drain Punch

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (13)

Did you know that some Pokemon have the ability to punch something and heal themselves all at once? Drain Punch will do that for you. Absorbing life force straight through one's fists is some over-the-top martial arts movie fare, but who's complaining?

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This Fighting-type move, introduced in Generation IV, inflicts damage at a base power level of 75 and heals up to 50 percent of the damage done. When your trusty fighter pal is nearly down for the count, a well-timed Drain Punch can tee things up in a flash.

2/15 Counter

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (14)

As a move that doesn't deal direct damage, one might give Counter half a glance and keep walking. But if you're going up against physical-oriented Pokemon, the opportunity to deflect those hits and dish out double the damage is totally tantalizing.

There are a lot of situational exceptions or alterations made to the move, such as Ghost-types being immune to it, but overall it's a boon. Plus, if you're playing competitively online, you can practically hear cocky players shouting out in frustration. You don't need integrated voice chat to sense this stuff.

1/15 Close Combat

Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Fighting-Type Moves, Ranked (15)

Widely considered one of the best Fighting-type moves in the series, Close Combat nukes plenty of Pokemon and leaves plenty more in stitches. At 100 percent accuracy and a base power rating of 120, this isn't a threat. It's a promise.

Close Combat shares Superpower's one-stage Attack-and-Defense problem. Sure, that's not great news, but if you've dropped a tough challenger with it, you've already done the job. If you're not looking to put a Fighting Pokemon in your squad but still need that precious coverage, a healthy number of critters belonging to other categories can learn it as well.

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