Evolve GTR Review | A Look at The Latest Electric Skateboard By Evolve (2023)

Let's have a look at the Evolve GTR Review. The Evolve GTR is the latest and most advanced Electric Skateboard developed by Evolve Boards.
Evolve are one of the largest and well known electric skateboard manufacturers in the world along with Boosted.
But along with that reputation comes a big price tag.
So let's see if the Evolve GTR is worth it.

Evolve GTR Specs

  • Top Speed - 42km/h (26mph)
  • Range - 31 miles
  • Wheels - 97mm
  • Charge Time: 4-5 hours
  • Weight: 10kg

Evolve GTX vs GTR

Range31 Miles31 Miles
Top Speed42km/h (26mph)42km/h (26mph)
Weight8.8kg (Street)10kg (Street)
DeckCarbon & BambooCarbon & Bamboo
TrucksSuper Carve (Gravity Casting)Super Carve (Forged Method)


The range of the Evolve GTR street version is 31 miles,and if you have the AT (all terrain) version, you can expect 19 miles.
When it comes to range, Evolve has always been the best in the business, with their GTX board also having a similar range as the GTR.
People will always want more from a newer version, but it's already a heavy board, and adding a bigger battery to a board which already has excellent range, would be unnecessary.

(Video) Evolve Bamboo Series 2 GTR Electric Skateboard review

Top Speed

Anything around the mid 20's I would consider ideal when it comes to top speed. There are a few boards out there pushing the 30mph mark, but for many people, the enjoyment of riding an electric skateboard is carving and cruising. I'll get to more about this later.
The Top Speed is 26mph.


Evolve GTR Review | A Look at The Latest Electric Skateboard By Evolve (2)

As you would come to expect with the previous Evolved series you get bamboo or a carbon deck.

The carbon GTR is made from a brand-new mold. At first, glance, you won't be able to see much difference in the design from the old GT boards.
Evolve has mentioned many times in their quest to improve the build quality with the GTR, And you can see that here with the carbon deck.
It's now reinforced and stronger than ever.
The housing for the battery and ESC has slightly more depth. This is to make room for the new electric system.
The finish is matte black, which is good because I'm a huge fan of anything in Matte black.
Now onto the Bamboo GTR.

(Video) EVOLVE GTR 2 electric skateboard review

The bamboo design of the grip tape I think looks fantastic, it has an old school longboard look about it.
It may look like there isn't much grip tape on the actual middle of the board itself. That's because Evolve is using clear Grip tape in the middle accompanied by dark grip tape on the concave edges of the deck.
You get a very nice flex from the bamboo deck, But probably not as much flex as you expect on a boosted board.
I will go more into detail regarding flex of the battery later on in the post.
Also additional truck holes, So you can change where exactly the trucks will sit and change the wheelbase, giving you further customization.


The remote has undergone a considerable change in comparison to the previous R2 version. We now can connect the remote with the board using Bluetooth Rather than the old Wi-Fi method.
This is one area there has faced some criticism with the previous model, due to disconnections while riding and sometimes the inability to connect the remote to the board at all especially at the start of group rides.
At the moment only time will tell if the connection issues have disappeared, but from what I've seen, there have only been positive things said about the new connection for the remote.
The responsiveness has also improved when you pull the trigger on the board kicks into action immediately.


The trucks on the old Evolve boards had come under fire a few times from riders stating breaks and cracks had occurred under normal riding. Anything like this is alarming for many riders looking for a new Electric Skateboard.
Evolve have taken this on board and changed the entire process for how they're made. The trucks are now a lot stronger than before.
They are still using the same Super Carve truck, so you get the same double kin pin design, which is excellent for carving.
Where originally it was made via the gravity casting process. The trucks are now made via the forged method, and this is a process where the trucks are smashed and forced into shape under extreme pressure and heat.
The result is much stronger trucks, and because of the surface treatment which the metal undergoes, they are also hard to scratch.


Evolve GTR Review | A Look at The Latest Electric Skateboard By Evolve (4)

The wheels you get on the GTR are 97mm 76A. This is the size on the street version of the board.
Being 97mm you get a lovely smooth ride from the GTR. You glide over many of the bumps and cracks you’ll experience on an everyday ride.
Wheels are one of the most important factors when it comes to having a great riding experience — is having decent urethane.
For the GTR version, the wheels are made by AEND Industries, Who has created a urethane formula which has excellent rebound as well as exceptional grip.
Evolve have always been an excellent board for carving, And with all the minor little improvements throughout the entire board, including the wheels, carving, has never been more enjoyable.
One thing we can't forget about is the bearings. They are precision ceramic bearings which have low resistance, and an incredibly smooth ride.

(Video) Before you buy an Evolve Carbon GTR Electric Skateboard | TechManPat

Battery Sag

Battery fluctuations were always a problem with the previous models of Evolve boards. So if you were going flat out up a hill, or running over grass in the AT mode. The Battery indicator on the remote would change dramatically and not give an accurate display of remaining battery.
When you have a high current draw to the motors, you inevitably end up getting low-voltage in the battery. But with this in mind, And they completely design the firmware, Evolve can still accurately determine the remaining percentage of battery, Which drops incrementally.
But in terms of the classic battery sag, where you have a drop of power as the battery gets lower with charge. You still get this as it's just how the Samsung 35E battery cells work.


There are a few aspects of the design I'm going to talk about. Like extra sealant protecting the battery, The battery design itself, Another little additional feature like charging accessories.
First of all, let's talk about the battery and ESC area. Evolve has now added a protective lip right around the edge of the opening for these internal components. This is to obviously stop water from getting in and also stop it from developing on the inside via condensation.
The battery and the ESC Also have their protective casing.
But what about the bamboo version you may be asking?
On the bamboo GTR, The battery and ESE are again protected by a New glass filled nylon plastic which is very durable but also has excellent flexibility to move with the bamboo deck.
So although the battery runs nearly the entire length of the board, because it's split into sections, as the deck flexes the battery is pliable enough to do the same.

Phone App

You can now use a mobile phone app to get details about the board. Like the trip mileage, Total mileage covered by the board etc. Another little trick you have available is to create your own customer speed mode.
It will allow you to change the power curve to something more to your liking If the current preset speed modes by Evolve are something you wish to change.

Can You Fly With The Evolve GTR?

You can, But you will have to buy a different battery.
Evolve Have designed and created a Sony 4.2 Ah 152wh battery. You may need to check with your airline Before flying as approval may be necessary.
As you can expect the range is reduced with the travel battery as it's much smaller. In the street mode, it means you can expect anything around 12 to 15 km. With the all-terrain wheels on you will get around 8 to 10 km.

Can I Use The Battery From The GTR On The GTX?

No, Because of the complete redesign of the GTR. It just simply won't fit into the older versions of the evolve electric skateboard.

Conclusion Of The Evolve GTR Review

Here we reached the conclusion of the Evolve GTR Review.
From the outset, you can tell Evolve had made some massive improvements with the build quality.
Although the board looks very similar to the previous version, It's had a complete overhaul, and pretty much every single component has changed.
They have listened to customers and improved areas that were considered a weakness before.
Moving to Bluetooth for the remote connector is a huge win for many people. As previously, people were frustrated with disconnections and waste of time spent at the start of the ride trying to connect the remote to the skateboard.
A lot of the changes have been focused around safety, making aspects of the board stronger, with more protection around the battery.
I like the stealth looking factor to the Carbon GTR. The matte finish on the board, as well as the trucks, make it harder to chip.
We know the evolve boards are cheap, and this is in no means going to be an impulse buy for many people. It's something you're going to want. But I think your previous owner of another board all new to the company will not be disappointed with this purchase.

(Video) All Evolve Electric Skateboards explained - Stoke vs GTR Bamboo vs GTR Carbon Review


Can I ride my evolve skateboard in the rain? ›

Unfortunately our boards are not waterproof. The electronics, bearings and other components may be damaged due to water ingress and water damage is not covered by warranty. Riding in wet conditions is also very dangerous and may cause injury to yourself and others.

How fast does an evolve electric skateboard go? ›

How fast an electric longboard goes depends on riding style, terrain, rider weight, and inclines. On average, Evolves' board top speed varies from 22mph to 31mph, depending on the model.

How long does it take to charge evolve skateboard? ›

Evolve Standard Charger (for Evolve Electric Skateboards)

160 minutes for a full recharge of our Bamboo Series boards or approx. 240 minutes for a full recharge of our GTX or Carbon Series boards. Charge times will vary from board to board depending on battery capacity.

What Motors does evolve GTR use? ›

The GTR skateboards perform phenomenally well as they do thanks to their ultra-strong motors and highly efficient batteries. Both the Bamboo and Carbon boards are equipped with not one, but two 1500W brushless out-runner motors.

Can you ride an electric skateboard in cold weather? ›

As long as your personal physical ability can deal with the cold on a dry road, you can ride an electric skateboard. But remember to wrap up warm and don't get a cold. It's definitely too cold for you to ride if it's too cold for you to walk due to the wind chill when you are moving.

What do you do if your electric skateboard gets wet? ›

The most important thing to do is to take the skateboard away from the source of water and dry it. Some of the necessary things to do are: Remove the hardware in order to disconnect the deck from the trucks. You can then use a towel or a rag to dry the board, the hardware, the trucks and the grip tape.

Does the Evolve GTR have regenerative braking? ›

HILLS:Up to 30% gradient in GTR mode (insanely STEEP!) BRAKING:Ultra smooth stepless braking control with regenerative recharging.

How many volts is an evolve GTR? ›

Evolve Hadean vs GTR: Diferences

The Hadean hosts a 43.2V, 16AH, 691.2Wh battery and 6000w of power at the motors, while the GTR has a lower voltage 14AH, 504WH, set up and 3000W of power. The GTR has enough punch to get you up the hills, fast bursts of acceleration, and t around on the grass and off-road trails.

Where are Evolve electric skateboards made? ›

We couldn't find an electric skateboard we loved...

'Evolve Skateboards was born on Australia's Gold Coast, Australia, through sheer passion for finding the ultimate endless wave feeling.

How long do evolve batteries last? ›

Generally, the batteries will last 2-3years before significant loss of capacity. All battery life can vary depending on conditions surrounding its use and storage. Exposing lithium ion batteries to extreme temperatures (high or low) will have an effect on them so try to keep the battery at normal temperatures.

Can you overcharge electric skateboard? ›

Overcharging can shorten the lifespan of your battery, so it's best to only charge it until the light indicator turns green. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your electric skateboard battery lasts for as long as possible.

How long do electric skateboard batteries last? ›

If the board and battery are maintained properly then a Li-Ion Battery (Standard Battery) will last for 300-1000 charge cycles before reaching 80% of its capacity (the international standard to rating cycle life). That means if you use your electric skateboard daily the battery will last for about 1-3 years.

Is the Evolve GTR waterproof? ›

-Is my carbon or bamboo GTR series board waterproof? No, the GTR board is not water proof. Having said that, we have made every effort to seal up the electrical enclosures to prevent water getting in in the event of being caught out in the rain when riding.

What size motors are on the evolve GTR? ›

Now with powerful dual 6000W rated 6368 motors, smooth yet responsive performance is at the heart of this machine.

Where do you store your electric skateboard? ›

  1. Store the e-board at room temperature and find a dry place to avoid moisture.
  2. To avoid battery discharge and ensure battery longevity, regular charging is recommended to keep the battery level in the range of 40%-60%.
7 Jan 2022

How do I store my electric skateboard battery? ›

In order to avoid battery discharge and ensure battery longevity, we recommend charging your electric skateboard from time to time and keep the battery level in the range of 40%-60%. Don't store it in a freezing cold garage but at room temperature. Find a dry place and avoid moisture.

Is it okay to leave skateboard in garage? ›

Tip 2: Dry and Temperate Skateboard Storage

Since we know you can't leave your board outside, you're first thought might be to put your skateboard in your garage. A garage is a perfect right, it's inside and dry and secure? Actually, your garage is not a good place to store your skateboard!

Should I ride my electric skateboard in the rain? ›

Most of the electric skateboards are not made for wet/rainy day, so it is better not to ride an electric skateboard on a slippy road or in rain. Water gets into the metallic parts and causes rust, making bearings seize up and stick to your truck. It makes the bolts rust making it impossible to get the nuts off.

Can you ride electric boards in the rain? ›

Your scooter will be perfectly safe in light rain. You can even cruise through a few shallow puddles without much worry. However, you should avoid riding through super heavy rain and deep puddles.

Does water damage grip tape? ›

Grip tape works well to give your feet traction on the board, even when wet. But grip tape can lose adhesion over time with repeated wetting and drying. If that happens, the tape will start to peel off the deck. This is why we avoid getting our boards and grip tape wet.

How much is the GTR skateboard? ›

Evolve Bamboo GTR 2 in 1 - $1,449

Various ride modes for all levels.

How do I turn on my evolve skateboard remote? ›

How To Use The Evolve R2 Remote || Evolve Skateboards - YouTube

How do you charge a evolve skateboard? ›

How to Charge your Electric Skateboard - YouTube

How wide are evolve trucks? ›

Deck length: 102cm/40 inches. Deck wheelbase: 81cm/33.5inches. Trucks: Black GT Super carve 306mm/12inch width.

How Good Are evolve skateboards? ›

Great board, great support

The GTR Bamboo is awesome fun and a solid quality board. Evolve support is also second-to-none and will take care of any issues to keep you carving (I only had minor maintenance issues but the team there was so helpful and got everything resolved really quickly for me).

Who owns evolve skateboards? ›

It has been one hell of a long ride for entrepreneur Jeff Anning, who gambled his family home on a shot at turning his passion into a business.

Where are Evolve Skateboards made? ›

Fast forward several years and he's now the owner of Evolve Skateboards, which turned over $14 million dollars last year. The Gold Coast-based business manufactures its boards in its own dedicated factory in China, and has distribution deals in the US and Europe.

How much wax goes into Evolve Plus XL? ›

For best results, completely vaporize concentrates in the chamber before adding more. Another way great tip to keep your pen in top shape is to clean it consistently - after vaping about 2-3 grams of wax. Use the dab tool to scrape the walls and lid of the atomizer.

What is Evolve Plus XL? ›

The Evolve Plus XL is a dab pen unit from premier vaporizer manufacturer Yocan who is known for their innovative products. The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is an all-in-one compact and portable dab pen like Yocan Regen that employs advanced technology.

How long does a Evolve Plus XL last? ›

My Evolve Plus XL's battery typically lasts all day, which I recharge overnight. According to Yocan, though, it should only take three to four hours for a full recharge. So far, the only battery-related issues I've encountered were with my second XL, which featured an out-of-alignment micro USB port.

Should I leave my electric skateboard plugged in all the time? ›

Its recommended to not leave it on charge overnight. It's a good idea to run your board all the way past 0% to the point it turns off every now and then to give the cells the opportunity to do a full charge cycle. Lithium batteries don't have a memory, so this isn't crucial for overall battery health.

Can you ride backfire in rain? ›

Do not ride in the rain or any wet grounds with water which will lead high risk of water damage, and potential damage to bearings and decks in the long term as well.

How do you take care of an electric skateboard? ›

It is important to clean your electric skateboard after each ride. Clean the electric skateboard with a slightly damp cloth and prevent any water or dirt entering the electronic components. After this, wipe the board with a dry cloth.

Can you ride an electric skateboard on the road? ›

California allows electric skateboards on roads with a speed limit under 35 mph. You are allowed on public bicycle paths, highways, sidewalks, or bikeways but you can't go faster than 15 mph. It's important to note that riders are still required to adjust for changing conditions on the road, just like a motorist.

Can you take evolve skateboard on a plane? ›

The standard 14AH GTR battery cannot be taken onto any plane due to being too large. However, the 4.2AH travel battery (151.2 watt hours) can be taken onto a plane with airline approval prior to boarding.

How many miles do electric skateboard wheels last? ›

So although in theory 107mm of urethane should last you a lifetime, if they start chunking you'll feel the need to replace much sooner. These have an estimated 3000 miles on them and they perform just fine. Probably good for another 5000 at least.

Can you push on an electric skateboard? ›

Unfortunately, there are no electric skateboards that have a regenerative function tied to manually pushing. There are electric skateboards with a regenerative braking feature, but this will not come in handy when using the board as a regular skateboard.

How do electric longboards work? ›

An electric skateboard is a personal transporter based on a skateboard. The speed is usually controlled by a wireless hand-held throttle remote or rider body weight-shifting between front of the board for forward motion and rear for braking.

Is evolve Hadean waterproof? ›

We do not recommend riding our boards in wet conditions as the board may slide from under your feet causing injury. We also do not rate any of our boards to be water-resistant but in newer models, we have made every effort we can to protect the electrical components in accidental situations.

How much will the Meepo hurricane cost? ›

Although, they're having less recognition for higher-priced boards. Meepo Board changes the game in 2021 with Meepo Hurricane. This $1699 board has been overwhelmingly popular in the eskate community. So, what sets this all-terrain carbon fiber board apart from its peers?

Is a skateboard ruined if it gets wet? ›

If you're wondering whether a skateboard is ruined if it gets wet, the answer is unfortunately, yes. Water can wreak havoc on a skateboard, causing the deck to warp and the bearings to rust. In addition, water can also cause your wheels to lose their grip, making it more difficult to ride.

Is the Evolve Stoke waterproof? ›

Unfortunately our boards are not waterproof. The electronics, bearings and other components may be damaged due to water ingress and water damage is not covered by warranty. Riding in wet conditions is also very dangerous and may cause injury to yourself and others.

Is there a waterproof skateboard? ›

MEEPO Shuffle V4 S Electric Skateboard with Remote, Top Speed of 29 Mph, Smooth Braking, IPX6 Waterproof, Suitable for Adults & Teens.

Are electric skateboards waterproof? ›

Only a few electric skateboards are really waterproof while a few are water-resistant. But most electronic boards are neither waterproof nor resistant. Another important thing to know is that hardly any company or brand will replace your board due to water loss. The warranty on most boards does not cover water damage.

Which brand skateboard is best? ›

The most popular skateboard brands among professional skateboarders are Girl, Zero, Baker, Deathwish, and enjoi. These brands are known for their high-quality decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings. They also make apparel and accessories that appeal to skateboarders of all styles.

What is skating on water called? ›

Wakeskating is a water sport and an adaptation of wakeboarding that employs a similar design of board manufactured from maple or fibreglass. Unlike wakeboarding, the rider is not bound to the board in any way, similar to the skateboard, from which the name derives.

How do I clean my bearings? ›

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings | Tactics - YouTube

Can you sit on an electric skateboard? ›

These boards typically have two wheels in the front and one in the back, and the rider stands on them to ride. Another common type of electric skateboard is the sit-down electric skateboard. These boards have a seat attached to them, and the rider sits on the seat to ride.

Can Electric skateboards go on grass? ›

Asphalt, concrete, grass, gravel, dirt tracks, BMX tracks, bumps, mounds, berms, you can ride an Evolve electric skateboard anywhere.

Can you push on an electric skateboard? ›

Unfortunately, there are no electric skateboards that have a regenerative function tied to manually pushing. There are electric skateboards with a regenerative braking feature, but this will not come in handy when using the board as a regular skateboard.

Should you skate in rain? ›

It's strongly advised not to ride a skateboard in the rain or when it's wet outside. The bearings will deteriorate from the inside, The grip tape could peel off and lose grip, The deck will lose its pop and becomes waterlogged or delaminate.

What to do if your bearings get wet? ›

How to save your bearings if your board gets wet - YouTube

Does water damage grip tape? ›

Grip tape works well to give your feet traction on the board, even when wet. But grip tape can lose adhesion over time with repeated wetting and drying. If that happens, the tape will start to peel off the deck. This is why we avoid getting our boards and grip tape wet.

Do electric skateboards have brakes? ›

Your electric skateboard can lose braking and acceleration at any time. Our electric skateboards have regenerative braking: the use of the brakes creates energy which is used to recharge the battery. When the battery is fully charged, the energy created is dissipated as heat.

Can I ride my Boosted board in the rain? ›

Boosted still recommends against riding the new board in the rain because you can still do damage the bearings, and extended exposure to water could still harm the electronics. (Hence the use of water-resistant, not waterproof.)

How much does an electric skateboard cost? ›

Electric skateboards cost between 200 and more than a few thousand dollars. Some of the most popular models cost between 400 and 2000 dollars. Your choice of electric skateboard depends on the cost, features, and materials used. Finding the best electric skateboard for you isn't as challenging anymore.


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