Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (2023)

Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (1)

The Windows Store offers a healthy collection of apps designed to help you reach your fitness goals. From tracking your workouts, guiding you through exercises and managing your overall progress, these apps can be handy for everyone from the casual walker to the hardcore gym rat.

Whether getting fit is a New Year's resolution, doctor's orders or simply a desire to feel better and have more energy, these Windows 10 apps can serve as motivation and instruction as you work towards your goals. We have searched the Store aisles and have come up with a modest collection of fitness options that can help you in the gym, on the track or the trial. Let's take a look at the best fitness apps for Windows 10.


Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (2)

While Endomondo is still available and remains a popular Windows 10 fitness app, the company has put its Windows Phone development on hold. While it is never good seeing a developer pull out of the Windows 10 market, Runtastic is an alternative capable of filling the void.

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Runtastic is a feature-rich Windows 10 Mobile app that tracks fitness activities such as running, walking, hiking, biking, yoga, strength training, treadmill, golfing, crossfit, kayaking and more. Key features include:

  • Track over 60 activities and view your routes using your Windows Phone GPS.
  • Activity tracking records your duration, distance, calories burned, speed, elevation and more.
  • Workouts can be added manually for indoor/non-GPS activities (treadmill sessions, strength training, etc.).
  • Monitor your hydration
  • Social Network sharing to allow you to post your activities on Facebook, Twitter or

Runtastic lets you create an account using your Facebook or email account or you can use the app as a standalone tracker. As you record activities, there is the option to add your mood, the temperature of the day, surface details, personal notes and photographs to better document your workouts.

Runtastic is a free app, available for Windows 10 Mobile. There is a Pro version (opens in new tab) available ($4.99) that offers a few more features, but the free version is a solid fitness app on its own. Overall, Runtastic is a perfect option for those who see their fitness program span a range of activities.

Download Runtastic from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Perfect Workout

Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (6)

Perfect Thumb's apps are known for their minimalist design and simple approach to things. Their fitness app, Perfect Workout, doesn't stray from this approach and delivers an easy way to guide you through various exercise routines.

Perfect Workout includes over 100 animated exercises, spread across 12 workout packs that focus on chest, arms, legs, butt, abdominals, fat loss, cardio and muscle building. The free app includes a full body workout with the other exercise routines available through in-app purchase ($0.99 each). You can also unlock the additional packs with rubies earned as you complete exercises. The ruby system is a nifty motivational tool and lets you save a little as you sweat off the pounds.

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Workouts can be tracked to monitor your progress and an animated figure guides you through each exercise. Settings allow you to adjust time spent per exercise and your rest time in between sets. Individual exercises include the likes of push-ups, crunches, planks, tricep dips and more. Additionally, the exercise routines do not require any fitness equipment beyond a chair. This makes it a handy option while traveling or if workout space is limited.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Perfect Workout is a comprehensive collection of exercises wrapped up in an easy-to-use, sharp-looking package.

Download Perfect Workout from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Adidas Train and Run

Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (10)

Adidas Train and Run is a Windows 10 app that not only tracks your runs but also serves as a personal fitness trainer by providing hundreds of free training plans. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Adidas Train and Run is a free app that delivers real-time guidance and premium coaching to help you work out more efficiently and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (11)

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Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (13)

This Windows 10 app is compatible with the Fit Smart (opens in new tab) wrist-based heart monitor or it can be used as a standalone fitness app. Adidas Train and Run can track your heart rate (via the Fit Smart), pace, speed, routes and calories. You can view your workout history, heart rate zones and route maps to better track your progress.

The free training plans are designed to help you lose weight, shape and tone muscles, build strength and improve flexibility. You can even track the wear and tear on you running shoes. All in all, Adidas Train and Run is an easy to use fitness app for Windows 10 with plenty of eye appeal and heart pounding workouts. It is easy to see why it has such a popular following.

Download Adidas Train and Run from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (14)

There are several 7-Minute Workout styled apps available in the Windows Store, but Seven from Perigee stood out from the pack with its easy-to-use design, animated guides and video game-like features that can help motivate you to stay fit. 7-Minute workouts are down and dirty, quick exercise routines for those where life often gets in the way and limits the time they have for fitness.

The exercise routine with Seven doesn't require any special equipment beyond a chair, a wall and you. The app guides you through a dozen exercises, including jumping jacks, crunches, squats, push-ups and more. Everything is paced to be completed within seven minutes and animated guides are available to demonstrate the exercise.

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Seven also takes on a video game approach with achievements to unlock, rewards to earn and even lives that can be lost if you skip a day of workouts. Miss three days and your fitness progress resets to zero!

Seven is a free app available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and includes the Full Body workout. There are several in-app purchases for custom instructor voices (drill sergeant, kung-fu master, etc.) and additional workouts that focus on specific areas of the body. These in-app purchases are $1.99 each. Seven may not be the most complicated fitness app in the Windows Store, but offers you a solid option when time and fitness don't cooperate.

Download Seven from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (18)

GymAce is a versatile fitness app for Windows 10 designed for those who spend more time in the gym than on the track. It focuses on strength training and bodybuilding by providing a large exercise database with descriptions and illustrations.

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The collection of exercises can be filtered by muscle group or equipment. GymAce comes preloaded with a few sample workouts with the option of creating your own workout from the list of exercises. Additional features include:

  • Recommendation on weight and reps based on previous sets and sessions
  • Three countdown timers to monitor rest periods
  • Session dates can be charted in calendar view
  • Performance can be graphed based on repetition, volume or weight history for each exercise
  • Track body statistics and measurements with support for Withings Body Scales
  • Support for OneDrive backup for your fitness data

While GymAce is primarily a strength training app, you can record cardio exercises with custom data fields. GymAce is available for Windows 10 Mobile and has a free trial version that covers three sessions. The full version is currently running $2.99. Overall, if you prefer dumbbells to running sneakers, GymAce fits the bill rather nicely.

Download GymAce from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Fitness Bands

Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (22)

When you discuss fitness apps and routines, it is hard to overlook the role fitness bands have in pursuing your fitness goals. Granted, not everyone needs or wants a fitness band but they can be an easy way to monitor your activities, track your progress and motivate you to move.

The two heavyweights in the fitness band market these days seems to be Fitbit and Garmin. Whether you are sporting a Fitbit Charge 2, Blaze or the Garmin VivoSmart HR+, each have capable Windows 10 apps to monitor your progress and manage your bands. Both the Fitbit app (opens in new tab) and Garmin Connect (opens in new tab) app for Windows 10 tracks and charts everything from your daily steps, workouts, stairs climbed, weight and more.

Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (23)

Which is the best option? Had Microsoft not killed off the Microsoft Band series, the choice might have been easier to make, but both Garmin and Fitbit devices have appeal. Garmin is more down and dirty in appearance, while the Fitbit line has more bling. Both offer customizations to what they track and hopefully one day they both will offer reliable notifications from your Windows 10 Mobile phone.

See the Garmin VivoSmart HR+ at Amazon (opens in new tab)

See the Fitbit Surge at Amazon (opens in new tab)

See the Fitbit Blaze at Amazon (opens in new tab)

If you have tried any of these Windows 10 apps or have an opinion on which fitness band is best, let us know what you think of things in the comments. We have only scratched the surface on the fitness apps available in the Windows Store, with plenty of quality options not mentioned. If we have missed your favorite Windows 10 fitness app feel free to share that in the comments as well.

Best Fitness Apps for Windows 10 (24)

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  • Sensie is my favourite..

  • Check out Bodbot. Its app is REALLY outdated, but its exercise routines are worth checking out.

  • was coming here to say the exact same thing. Its a fantastic system. I actualy use the app on my tablet now with it streaming to a TV in my gym using MS Wireless Screen Adapter. And I take the daily workout and transcribe it to my MS Health App (now Band App) and sync it to my MS Band so the Band itself keeps track of the routine, time, reps, etc. Really is a perfect system. Only thing that would make it better was if it would sync between the two for me....and if MS hadn't friggin canceled the Band line!

  • lol apps for windows mobile

  • Troll somewhere else...

  • I wish their was a food logging app that was as good as MyFitnessPal and is still supported. All the ones I have tries are either old works in progress or great apps now dead because they were abandoned years ago.

  • Im using Runtastic and love it. I bought it when it was .99 and it was worth the cost.

  • Runtastic was great for me until started dropping my runs half way through them. I switched Caledos and it's never dropped a run.

  • Is there any active steps counter app, like discontinued Health app

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  • Microsoft Band works exactly like Health, you just need to enable the option inside the my phone item at the side menu

  • I miss the Nokia's built in functionality they brought in wp8.1

  • What we need for any mobile device is a good app that tracks inline skating. There are a lot of people that participate but no apps that tract it. Maybe because it a cross between running and cycling?

  • With the small market share for windows mobile, the amount of people that would actually use this would be very minimal.

  • Runtastic does that... Have used it many times. Runtastic supports all kind of sports includind skating (inline skating).

  • GymAce is the only one I use. It's really for bodybuilding though. It is pretty good with everything except supersets, but I still use it for supersetting just have to hop between exercises.

  • I "bought" Runtastic Pro for 0€ on a one day special offer, or something like that, and love it :D

  • Same here :D app really stands out of others. Hopefully they'll update it as a Windows 10 UWP app.

  • Now, who said msft lacks apps, quality over quantity. Alternatives knockout first party at times...

  • I use adidas miCoach since i had my first smartphone i.e. L720 and I still use it on my 640XL. Best app for Coached Running.

  • Wish we had a decent ski tracking app. None are accurate.

  • Does anyone have problems with the accuracy of the GPS on these apps? I've used a number of apps (Striven, Caledos and Runtastic Pro) but none have tracked accurately on my lumia 535Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

  • I've had trouble with all my Lumia phones using the Adidas app to train me for my (half) marathons the past few years. The mapped route will be very wavy and add additional distance to my runs compared to the Microsoft Band (1 and 2) and my current Garmin Vivoactive HR.I've noticed when I've runin 5K's thatfriends with iPhones and Android devices also report tracking a further distance than my fitness wearables with GPS.

  • 1. Runtastic is not Windows 10 Mobile app but could run on it (you only promote WM 10 as I know).
    2. You didn't mention Adidas train & run which is probably one of the best tracking app (absolutely free).

  • What? No Strava? J/K. Strava doesn't want to make an app for W10M. So many people have asked them to consider and they're not interested. Oh well. I use Map My Run. The app sucks BUT I'm able to send my data to Strava. I then view my activities on my old Apple phone. Strava is the best.

  • Adidas train and run is great. It has coached running and strength plans. It can track your exercises if you don't want the coaching by telling it what you are doing. You can make up your own and than it will do the coaching based on that. It's free and works with some other HRM other than Adidas.

  • How can Adidas train and run not be covered in this article?.... Previously known as micoach, one of the best and always supports windows phone.

  • None of them plays nice with the Microsoft Band

  • For anyone looking for a great workout app for the gym or really any excerising check out DeekFit Gym Pro, The developer keeps it up to date so it works with W10M. I've used it for years and it syncs with their website as well so it's always backed up in case anything happens to your phone.

  • I really like the versatility of the DeekFit Pro app. However, it is somewhat slow at times, especially if installed on a microSD Card.Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

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  • I used DeekFit Pro for a few months a long time ago but it was filled with bugs and inconsistencies. Then GymAce came out and I've never looked back since then! It is nearly perfect missing only supersets for now.

  • I still use ms health and fitness app

  • Yeah was great when I had my band missing it.

  • GYM Radio!

  • I just can't go without GymAce, a training logger, I've been using for years now!

  • Have you by any chance tried GymBuilder? That's what I recently started using and from the photosof GymAceit looks VERY similar. (I have notused GymAce) In my opinion, GymBuilderseems a bit more polished, but that's justbased upon the photos of GymAce. Does anyone know, is one of these a clone of the other?

  • Best app to stay fit is the one that shut down all the electronics in the house, while consuming all junk food.

  • Not to burst everyone's bubble, but didn't Runtastic put Windows Mobile support on hold as well? It was posted here about a week ago: realized this is simply a reposted article based on how old all the comments are... should be updated though in regards to Runtastic.

  • Not to burst everyone's bubble, but didn't Runtastic put Windows Mobile support on hold as well? It was posted here about a week ago:

    Ah, this is an old article that's been rehashed, that's why it seems like you're bursting everyone's bubble.But yes you're right, apparently the author that reposted this, failed to check that it's all still up-to-date!

  • Adidas is also out from all platforms in favor of Runtastic, sooo...

  • I like topic like best ??? apps for Windows 10. but only list/recommend UNIVERSAL apps please

  • I use a Garmin fitness tracker and the app works & syncs perfectly. I would have tried a Microsoft Band but it sounds a bit dodgy with WP10

  • I've used Cycle Tracks for a few year and love it. But will certainly check these out too.

  • I'm currently using Perfect Workout. Really great app. Stopped using Runtastic after they dropped support. Still use their squats app though because there's no good alternative that I know of. Trying out NIKE plus in place of Runtastic via the Run+ client. Didn't know what to go for between that and the Adidas app. Personally I think the only thing that matters is that your fitness needs are satisfied. Hope I get that six pack soon enough.

  • I use Caledos for my runs and cycling. The app has never had a glitch while on a run or while on the bike. We don't have the Strava app on Windows but you can send your activity's data to Strava (I have an iPhone). Strava is the tracking app champion. No app comes close to it.

  • Band 2 and myfittnesspal, still by far the best option.

  • After returning my third Microsoft Band 2 in 12 months I've now had no choice but to abandon the Band since it's no longer sold and have now gone for a Fitbit Charge 2. Hopefully it lasts longer! The Band was great. But every time the battery ended up not being able to charge. Sigh. It was a very good easy to use device. As for alternative fitness tracker apps, there's a concern about what they do with the data.

  • On my lumia 950 XL, the Garmin Vivofit HR+ is super buggy. The app mostly. The app freezes _several_ times a DAY and only with many reboots of both the app and activation of the fitness band, can I make it work again.
    It is getting better (updated approx. every 15th day) but for $280+ you would expect the basic functions to work.*** I should add, that my Lumia 950 XL is very buggy in general and the countless drops could have effected its general performance ***

  • Nice collection. I like it.

  • shame no myfitnesspal, awsome apps and no longer with windows.

    (Video) Top 10 Indoor Cycling Apps For 2022


Is there an app that works with all fitness trackers? ›

Map My Fitness is compatible with many fitness trackers, including Apple Watch, Android Wear, Garmin devices, Samsung Gear, and others.

Is there a 100% free workout app? ›

FitOn. If you're looking for a free workout app that is actually free—no additional purchases required—look no further than FitOn.

What is the number 1 workout app? ›

Our top picks:
  • Best Overall: Beachbody On Demand.
  • Best for Women: SWEAT.
  • Best for Men: CENTR by Chris Hemsworth.
  • Best for Free Workouts: Nike Training Club.
  • Best for Variety: Peloton App.
  • Best for Wellness: Grokker.
  • Best for Personal Training: FUTURE.
  • Best for Yoga: Glo.
25 Jul 2022

Does fitness apps really work? ›

According to one five-month study, not particularly: those who used apps found them slightly less useful or necessary for exercise as time progressed. On the contrary, the participants in the study found the apps more difficult to use over time and grew less comfortable with using them.

Is Google Fit accurate? ›

While Google Fit does offer a lot of features, it is not the most accurate reading out there.

Which step app is most accurate? ›

Why We Chose It: Pace Pedometer & Step Tracker is our top pick because it is one of the most comprehensive pedometer tracking apps available that does not require a wearable device. Ranked highly by both iOS and Android users, the Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker is our pick for best overall.

Is Fit coach a good app? ›

I honestly love FitCoach

Of course I change my eating style as well, this app has so many meal choices to pick from. The work outs are honestly perfect, my settings of course were on beginner and like anything they were hard at first but the app builds you up to start going into harder work outs.

Is FitOn app free? ›

What is the FitOn App? FitOn is a truly fantastic fitness app that offers tons of workout videos and resources for free. There are a few premium features that you can purchase if you like, but the majority of the app is completely free.

Is the just fit app free? ›

JustFit offers an auto-renewing subscription at $69.99/year to provide you with unlimited access to the VIP features. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase.

Is Better me a free app? ›

Available for free from the App Store or Google Play (with premium features available for purchase), this app encourages healthy mental and physical lifestyle changes in accessible ways.

Is walking better than running? ›

Walking and running are both excellent forms of cardiovascular exercise. Neither is necessarily “better” than the other. The choice that's best for you depends entirely on your fitness and health goals. If you're looking to burn more calories or lose weight fast, running is a better choice.

How do I get abs? ›

Doing targeted exercises like crunches is great for toning abdominal muscles, but losing both subcutaneous and visceral fat is the first step to unearthing your abs. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), you'll need to lower your body fat to about 14 to 20 percent for women and 6 to 13 percent for men.

Which step app is most accurate? ›

Why We Chose It: Pace Pedometer & Step Tracker is our top pick because it is one of the most comprehensive pedometer tracking apps available that does not require a wearable device. Ranked highly by both iOS and Android users, the Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker is our pick for best overall.

Is Google Fit better than Samsung health? ›

Both apps show the same distance covered, but when it comes to stepping count, Google Fit shows more steps than Samsung Health. It is important to keep in mind that both apps are sensor-based and aren't 100% accurate. They have their own standards and algorithms to measure your data.

Can I use my phone as a fitness tracker? ›

MoveSpring can connect to Android phones through the free Google Fit app, which allows you to use your phone as your fitness tracking device. Please follow the steps below to set up Google Fit on your phone and connect the Google Fit app to MoveSpring.


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