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Getting good boxing gloves for training isn’t a particularly difficult affair.

You can easily walk into a store and get yourself a nice pair. Maybe you use them for a while. They fit well for the first week or two, but then start to deteriorate, get loose, and just end up becoming a new trash ornament.

You maybe use them again on a couple of occasions, and that’s that.

They totally become useless after a short amount of time so you repeat the process again. Yeah. Don’t be that guy.

And that is why you’re here isn’t it? To find out how to get not just good boxing gloves, but the best bang for your buck training gloves.

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To learn the difference between training gloves and other boxing gloves; to figure out the difference in sizes and weight what these differences mean, and maybe even find yourself a definite list where the best of the best have already been curated for you.

Well, all I can say is, you came to the right place.

This is my personal list that I have put together after years of training and going through exactly the same issues with my training gloves.

What Makes Training Gloves Different From Other Gloves?

Over the years, the question of training gloves and what makes them different from other boxing gloves has been asked by a lot of people. And to be honest, I think the majority of people still do not understand what training gloves are and what they are designed for.

Training gloves, you see, are all-round use gloves. This means that they can be used for both sparring and bag work.

They are designed to be thickly-padded around the hitting area to protect your hands and are designed with stronger material to take the abuse that heavy bag workouts cause.

They are different from both sparring gloves and heavy bag gloves because they do what both of these boxing gloves do, and have to be engineered in such a way as to accommodate the requirements for both at the same time.

In other words, training gloves are sort of an hybrid between heavy bag gloves and sparring gloves.

These gloves are best for beginners, people who do both heavy bag hitting and sparring, or people who do not have a specific training style and want to be able to use their gloves for any type of training style.

Honestly, these gloves are best suited for about 85% of the boxers out there. Are you competing? Probably not, and if you’re not then these gloves are for you.

And even though all training gloves are great hybrid gloves, there is still quite a level of difference in quality.

Below are 9 of the best you’ll find out there in the market today.

Yes, yes... I know there are a lot more than this but in my experience these are the only ones worth your buck.

The others I just left out of this list because the gloves were either too expensive or just didn’t cut it

The Best Boxing Gloves For Training.

This is a comprehensive list of the best boxing gloves for training.

1. Best Bang for your Buck Training Glove

Cleto Reyes Training Gloves With Hook and Loop

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (1)

Carefully crafted with goatskin leather, the Cleto Reyes training gloves with hook and loops not only come in different colors, but are also carefully designed and manufactured to be the ultimate training weapon for both beginners and pros alike.

With durable latex foam padding and water-resistant linings, the gloves remain in great shape all through your session of sparring or bag work, and for a very long time after that. They sport an array of solid hook and loops for an even stronger and quicker glove fit.

It is also worth noting that Cleto Reyes, the manufacturer of these beautiful gloves, is one of the best in the world. They not only have a stellar reputation when it comes to building amazing hand-crafted gloves, they also have the advantage of being a company founded by a decorated, professional boxer who is really familiar with the requirements that it takes to create a great boxing glove.

2. Best Overall Training Gloves

Kozuji MS-600 RED

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (2)

Handcrafted with the best quality leather, one of the defining features of the MS-600 16 OZ training gloves is the fact that they place major emphasis on safety, and afford boxers lots of room for cushioning. And in case you didn’t know, cushioning is even more important in a training glove.

It doesn’t stop here, however. They also feature anti-thumbing stoppers acting as a form of hand protection technology. Other amazing features include wrist support, solid padding, and a generally high quality build.

And just in case you’re in the mood for some personal customization, the MS-600 also has that option available.

3. Hayabusa T3’s

Most Popular Training Gloves

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (3)

While popularity, in most cases, should not be trusted as a measure of quality, in the case of the Hayabusa T3 glove, this caveat really does not apply.

Awarded the "Best Boxing Gloves" by Men's Health Magazine, these slick pair of gloves are popular for a good reason. They remain as one of the solid go-to training gloves, thanks in most part to their amazing hand protection and wrist support.

And, of course, the fact that they give athletes luxury of owning a personalized, secure fit for more accurate punches.

The Hayabusa T3 Boxing Glove is also made from superb quality durable material, and features top-notch lining, multilayered foam, and dual closure system among other amazing features.

4. Title Gel Suspense Training Gloves

Highly Rated & Reviewed Boxing Training Gloves

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (4)

Among some of the most undeniably appealing training gloves on the list, the Title Gel Suspense boxing gloves come with special gel enforced lining and layered foams for superb results.

Crafted with top-notch quality full-grain leather, these gloves are made to last longer than the typical training boxing gloves. And their appeal doesn’t just end there, they are also specially designed to guard against knuckle soreness after training, and are engineered to perform this function to a truly laudable level.

For what it’s worth, it is also quite worth mentioning that the Title brand on its own is a great indication of trust and quality. The brand offers unique experience and amazing service, and have done so for a good number of years. This is just another amazing product in a line of great ones.

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (5)

Designed and made in Thailand, the Venum sharp boxing gloves secure a place on the list thanks to their durability, tri-layered density for knuckle protection, and their undeniable track record when it comes to delivering that profound“fighting sensation”.

They just have a way of getting you into a groove, their training gloves provide a satisfying feeling when you hit that heavy bag, if you know what I mean.

There's also the customized and original finish to the linings in the gloves, which screams class and quality, and their Mesh innovation for improved ventilation.

6. Fairtex Training Gloves

Cheaper Alternative

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (6)

Another handmade boxing glove from Thailand on the list, these Fairtex gloves, like the Hayabusa, are user-friendly and very easy to get into a groove with.

They are ideal for sparring, bag work, and mitt work and feature a wrap-around hook and loop wristband for more ease and comfort.

Other features of the Fairtex include better fitting for comfort, equal distribution of padding for hand protection, and a variety of sizes to choose from.

They are made from quality leather and come with Velcro straps to keep your gloves tight.

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (7)

Designed and manufactured specifically with beginners in mind, the Twins Special's famous Elastic Wrist boxing glove has a secure name in the boxing industry for its excellent quality and comfort.

Among some of its remarkable features are quality multilayered foam, which safeguards the hand from injuries and knuckles from soreness, genuine leather that guarantees durability, and elastic wrist bands for easy wearing and removal.

The padded foam in the gloves are also designed to support the hands while punching, giving an extra layer of safety.The Twins Special come in different colours and sizes for convenience.

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (8)

The Ringside Lace IMF training gloves are the definition of a perfectly-priced glove. They are neither too cheap nor too expensive and are without a doubt a good deal for any budget buyer.

They come in different sizes and colours and sport the classic lace closure, with attached thumbs for safety. They are also highly durable and equipped with a shock absorbing mechanism for maximum protection.

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (9)

This synthetic leather pair of boxing gloves from Everlast continues the line of affordability and high-performance sporting equipment from the well-reviewed manufacturer.

They do a great job of protecting and safeguarding the wrist, while at the same time providing comfort when sparring, or engaging in heavy bag work.

They also come with the full mesh palm that guarantees breathability and comfort, and anti-microbial treatments for incapacitating and warding off offensive odors and bacterial growth.

All these, along with an additional layer of foam for protection, and a Velcro wraparound strap for even more comfort and secure fit, make the Everlast Pro truly stand-out from the pack.

Looking To Buy A Pair Of Training Gloves? Here's How To Pick The Best Ones

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (10)

Picking the perfect training gloves can be a little bit overwhelming. Well maybe a bit more than that. After all, you’re not just picking good gloves that will only get you by for a few weeks, you’re trying to pick up great ones that will last you years.

And thanks to the fact that there are simply a ton of brands, types, weights and sizes to choose from, doing this can be a lot easier said than done.

Below are some of the factors to be on the lookout for when you trying to choose the best training boxing gloves.

1. Size

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (11)

The very first thing you have to watch out for when picking the best pair of training boxing gloves for yourself is SIZE. Trust me, the importance of size here can not be overstated.

Boxing gloves designed for training can range from 10oz to 12, 14, and 16 oz. I take a deeper look on the peculiarities and differences between each later in the guide below.

2. Material

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (12)

Drako Old Boy Leather Boxing Glove

When on the search for the best training gloves, you should do well to examine and verify the materials your desired option is made of. Boxing gloves are usually made with either synthetic or leather materials.

Synthetic boxing gloves are usually more affordable while leather gloves are generally more expensive.

The reason for the huge price difference lies in the fact that synthetic boxing gloves are usually susceptible to faster wear-outs, whereas leather gloves, though requiring more constant maintenance, have a longer lifespan.

Synthetic gloves also retain more moisture which invariably leads to palms getting sweaty and gloves getting smelly. Which in turn means you will have to clean your boxing gloves more often.

If you desire something that will last for a very long time, leather training gloves are your best bet.

But if you need a more affordable option without longevity in mind, you could definitely go for the synthetic version.

3. Fit

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (13)

Just as when purchasing new clothes or shoes, you always make sure to go for snug and well-fitted options, when faced with the task of picking the best training boxing gloves for yourself, you should ensure to do the same.

Boxing gloves should fit tight and snug. I like my gloves to fit almost too tight so that later on down the road when they have been broken in they will still fit snug rather than loosen up.

4. Type

Another factor to look out for when on your search for the right boxing gloves for training is TYPE. And since in this article, we're looking at training gloves, there's not really much to say about this.

Ensure categorically that the type of glove you’re looking is a training glove. Again, these are hybrid, all-purpose gloves that can be used for both sparring and bag work.

On the list above, you’ll find the best of them. So you really don’t have to waste additional time on this part of the process. The list above has you covered.

5. How Do You Like Your Glove Closure?

There are generally different styles of closures when it comes to boxing gloves. There's the lace-up, hook and loop, quick tie, and slip-on style.

The reason closure styles have been added to this guide is that the closure in gloves is actually quite important. Don't forget, you have to make sure that your gloves fit snugly and don't come off when they aren’t supposed to. Hence the reason for purchasing boxing gloves with only the best closure.

There are also a couple more important technicalities to be considered in this aspect. But don’t worry, there’s another section dedicated for that below.

6. Physical Appearance/Aesthetics

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (14)

I know, I know; adding this to the list sounds superficial. But then, haven’t you ever heard the saying "do it for the looks"?. Seriously though, looks matter when it comes to training gloves.

Yes, functionality matters even more. You want something that gets the job done. To hell with finesse. To hell with having a captivating physical appearance. But, really, there's absolutely nothing that says you can’t have the best of both worlds.

You definitely don't want to go around the boxing ring looking all shabby and out of place. And gone are the days when boxing gloves came in dull, unattractive colors.

Nowadays, you've got a variety of amazing colors and fantastic design to choose from.

And again, when we talk about the physical appearance of your boxing gloves for training, we don’t just mean aesthetics. There are also a handful of physical appearances that are functional and are not limited to beauty alone.

For instance we have features such as breath ability, padding type(horsehair, injected or layered moulded foam), and gel layer, all of which can be determined from the physical appearance.

So yes, there’s really nothing superficial about putting the physical appearance of your glove into consideration.

What Size Of Boxing Gloves Should You Get?

Earlier in the guide I made mention of size as one of the things you should be on the look out for when choosing the right pair of boxing gloves for your training sessions. Well, in this part of the article I'll be giving an even more-detailed analysis on boxing gloves size.

Generally, there are four popular sizes of training gloves, each size with its own unique function, though these may sometimes overlap.

Depending on the type of training you plan on engaging in (be it bag work, sparing sessions, competitions, etc.), you would want to go with one of the size ranges below.





This particular boxing glove is the smallest adult-sized glove. It is used by teenagers, those who plan on taking up boxing as a pastime, or for those who are extremely lightweight or who have very small hands.

These gloves are usually used for mild sparring and pad hitting. They are ideal for training with a partner and are perhaps the safety blanket of glove sizes. Meaning this weight is a great all around weight. Although I typically prefer 14oz and 16oz boxing gloves.

For most people when faced with uncertain conditions and you need to make a choice as to glove size, go with 12oz.

The 14oz glove size is also called the "all-rounder" glove size and is mostly used for sparring. It has a significant amount of padding, but is noticeably lighter than the 16oz gloves. This weight is best for kickboxing gloves.

16oz boxing gloves are basically for those who aren't lightweight and want to engage in some serious sparring. All 16oz gloves are big, and equipped with a serious amount of padding.

This ensures a required level of safety and protection, not just for you, but for your training partner or whomever it is you happen to be sparring with.

What Material is the Glove Made From?

I talked about materials that are used in making boxing gloves earlier – synthetic and leather materials. To consolidate this, it is worth noting that there are two types of leather materials used in making boxing gloves.

There's the genuine leather (which we discussed earlier) and the Polyurethane leather.

The Polyurethane leather gloves are not real leather but pass off as genuine when maintained properly. They are not as cheap as synthetically made gloves, but you also don't have to break the bank for them, or at any rate not as much as you would when purchasing real leather boxing gloves.

These are a good in between in both quality and price. Happy medium if you will.

How Do They Fit?

Remember, your gloves should always fit snugly when worn. Make sure your fingertips touch the tip of your gloves. You really only need a tiny bit of breathing room.

Lace-Up Or Velcros? Which Do You Prefer?

The most popular closure types are the lace-ups and Velcros.

Lace-up boxing gloves usually come with a lace that crosses both sides, laced through, and tied really hard around the hands.

Some of the reasons lace-ups, a well known and recognized closure type, have remained popular in the boxing industry for more than a hundred years, has to do with the following:

  • Do a better job than Velcro at staying snug
  • The issue of comfort while training with it is resolved, as the wrists are well-padded.
  • Your wrists are well secured.
  • The wrists of the gloves are quite sleek and are not heavy.

But then, there's also the issue of a few shortcomings and flaws in the lace-up closure type. These include:

  • They take longer to put on and remove.
  • Since you can't tie the laces on your gloves yourself, you'd have to ask for help.
  • The ends of the lace can actually injure opponents. Hence the reason for tapping it.

Though lace-ups have been on the block for lots of years, Velcros, a littleupcoming compared to lace-ups, have become quite renowned in the boxing sphere lately.

This development is as a result of the following:

  • Unlike lace-ups, Velcros are quite easy to put on and off (no assistance is needed).
  • They feature different fastening styles( depending on preference).
  • The strap of the glove adds support and protection.

Like the Lace-ups, Velcros aren’t all peachy and perfect all the time. They have a good number of cons too. Among these are:

  • They don’t have as much padding as the lace-ups.
  • There's the likelihood of scratching others during sparring.
  • Low-cost Velcro gloves decrease in efficacy with time.

With the pros and cons of these closure types listed, what’s left now isto give a verdict as to superiority.

Which is the best boxing gloves for training? The lace-ups or Velcros?

Well, I recommend the Velcros, if only because they're particularly ideal for training. And that pro boxers, amateurs, and newbies can actually have a go at sparring, heavy bags, competitions, and others without having to request assistance from anyone to unlace their gloves.

Top Training Glove Brands

There are lots of boxing glove brands out there to choose from and here are the best ones.

1. Cleto Reyes

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (15)

Founded and recognized in 1965 by Mexican born one-time wrestler, Cleto Reyes Castro, the Cleto Reyes gloves still remain a household name around the world, garnering lots of recognition due to their mastery, knack for quality, and ability to craft remarkable boxing gear by hand.

Over the years, they have succeeded in producing genuine leather boxing gloves, superior quality protective gear, apparel, and accessories. All at their factory in Mexico.

Their boxing paraphernalia has been used by lots of popular boxing champions, the likes of which include Muhammed Ali, Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Márquez, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, Evander Holyfield, and so many others.

2. Hayabusa

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (16)

Established by Ken Clement, Craig Clement, David Zikakis and Luke Harris in 2006, the Hayabusa first set the wheels in motion by manufacturing a unique range of fight shorts, rash guards, gi’s, boxing and MMA heavy bag gloves.

The major aim of this Ontario based company is to guarantee that all their designs and materials are capable of protecting athletes at a really elite level.

Hayabusa is the modern-day training boxing glove brand. They take it upon themselves to not just manufacture unique boxing gear, but also to sponsor research studies with respect to how to make sure consumers are safe and satisfied with what they buy.

3. Title

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (17)

This brand has been around the block since 1988. One of the most reputable producers of both boxing and mixed martial arts products, over the years Title has succeeded in moving up the "social strata" of boxing glove manufacturers. And guess what? They've become the plug to lots of athletes, including your favorites.

They also have a really beautiful and comprehensive website where all products, including prices, features, and specifications are listed.

My Last Thoughts and My Training Glove Recommendation

Congratulations, you made it to the end. And guess what? Now you can rest assured that you have all it takes to make an informed and educated decision when you go to buy your new training gloves.. That is if you so choose to pick a pair that is not in my list.

My Training Glove Recommendations

If you are still on the fence about which training gloves to get here is my recommendation.

If You Want the Best Training Gloves:

Cleto Reye Gloves

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (18)

If you are looking for a pair of training boxing gloves that are among the best to ever be produced then go with the Cleto Reyes training gloves.

You can check them out on amazon by clicking here

If You Are on a Budget

Hayabusa T3’s

9 Best Boxing Gloves For Training - Rated & Reviewed | SmartMMA (19)

For those on a budget who do not need the best training gloves out there and prefer to just have a pair that not only goods and will last a long time but that is also affordable. Go with the Hayabusa T3’s Gloves.

You can check them out on amazon by clicking here

You should also be confident that you now possess all the most important knowledge regarding the intricacies involved in choosing the right boxing gloves, including the kind of straps to get, the ideal size for training, and many other equally essential factors.

As a conclusion to the conclusion, it is advisable to always have in mind that with the right pair of boxing gloves, you can legitimately take your training sessions to a whole new level and acquire much-needed skills and techniques in your journey.

The journey of a thousand miles really does begin with one step, and when it comes to boxing, getting the perfect boxing gloves for training is that one step. Without a doubt.


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